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Noosa Mediation

Your local Family Dispute Resolution and Mediation Specialists.

We are an experienced family-friendly practice ready to assist you with all aspects required of the Family Dispute Resolution process with compassion. 

Including assisting you in efficiently resolving Parenting and/or Property issues during a separation and divorce. 

We also assist with Mediation for Neighbourhood, Property and Civil matters.


What is Mediation?

Mediation is a form of private and confidential facilitated discussion between you and the other party to a dispute. Mediation is a process designed to assist you to resolve a legal issue or dispute. Mediation provides a process by which you can have input and control over an outcome without the Court deciding for you.

This discussion is facilitated by a trained and impartial Mediator who adopts a specific process to ensure you are safe and confident throughout the process and that you have the opportunity to take breaks and to speak confidentially. Mediation can provide you with an empowering and cost-effective alternative to Court.

Can I Make The Agreement We Made In Mediation Enforceable By The Court?

Yes. Mediation and negotiation throughout a family law matter can successfully resolve most disputes. Very few go through to a final hearing. The Court system encourages parties to reach their own suitable resolution. An application can then be made by the parties, through their solicitor to have the agreement drafted into Orders by Consent. These orders are then enforceable by the Court.